Our training and facilitation philosophy is to enhance the performance of our clients through the development of their knowledge, skills, and abilities.


Our training provides organizations and groups the knowledge and ability to develop competitive advantages over their competition while developing employees that are move valuable in the workforce. Our training areas include:

  • Design Thinking
  • Introduction to Agile
  • Advanced Agile Practices
  • Leadership Fundamentals & Practices
  • Business Communication Across Cultures
  • Cultural Diversity and Inclusion (in the workplace)

Facilitation and Lecturing

Our facilitation and lecture topics provide teams, groups, and individuals with an increased level of confidence and empowerment in reaching personal and professional goals.  Our topics include:

  • Unleashing Your Potential
  • Financial Independence
  • Developing UnReasonable Confidence
  • Increasing Self Confidence

To learn more about these services, please send an email to ColinT@oligye.com

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