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The Agility Mindset in Meeting Facilitation – How To Go Beyond Limits

When it comes to true business agility, employee morale and productivity means everything. To keep processes streamlined, teams need to be on board and excited about operations. In today’s organizational work culture, meetings are more prominent than ever before. Where everything and anything is a project, meetings are the backbone of organizational agility.

Facilitating meetings with an agility mindset is central to driving the conversation flow and tapping in the collective insight of teams. In this session, learn clear and practical insights on how to facilitate meetings with more agility practices to quickly adapt to changing circumstances.

About Colin C. Thompson | Founder @ Oligye Enterprises (Shanghai) Ltd.

Colin C. Thompson, a Canadian born Jamaican, is founder and CEO of Oligye Enterprises (Shanghai) a Business Consulting company focused on consulting, coaching, training. With deep experience in Agile consulting, Colin has a passion for working with leaders and teams to guide them in embodying the values and principles of being Agile in order to bring real value to their customers and each other. 

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