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Achieve your personal and professional goals and live the life that you both desire and deserve.


Career Transition and Development

As a result of our career coaching, my clients went from simply having a job to having a fulfilling career.  I am looking for clients that are ready for a new and rewarding career.  

If you are trying to upgrade your career, re-entering the workforce, or reaching for a significant professional goal, career coaching can help you set a plan and get you there.


Personal Development

As a result of our personal development coaching, my clients have improved the quality of their lives.  I am looking for clients that are ready to live a life of design and reward.  

Improve your quality of life, develop your empowered identity, unleash your true potential, and determine your primary life purpose. 

Executive Coaching

Executive and Leadership Coaching

As a result of our executive coaching, executives and high potential employees developed the ability to gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve their development objectives, and unlock their potential. 

I am looking for clients that are ready to develop and sustain new perspectives, attitudes, skills and behaviors.


Diversity and Cultural Awareness

As a result of our diversity and cultural awareness coaching, my clients are able to understand their attitudes, beliefs, and behavioural patterns to become nonjudgemental and empathetic toward people from other cultures.

Develop the ability to objectively evaluate situations without stereotyping and learn to embrace cultural diversity and awareness.


CoronaVirus COVID-19

As a result of our COVID coaching, my clients and their families have maintained their motivation and a strong mindset during the global pandemic.  I am looking for clients that are ready to thrive through COVID.  

If the coronavirus pandemic is impacting your daily life and you struggling COVID coaching can help you and your family.

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Relocation and Expat

As a result of our relocation and expat coaching, my clients are able to more quickly adjust to relocation and truly enjoy living in foreign surroundings and different cultures.

I am looking for clients that are ready to excel in a new, diverse culture and environment.

What is LIFE Coaching?

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Ready to Make a Change?

Let's create a roadmap together for personal and professional excellence

Our Coaching Process and Steps

How I work with YOU, the client.

Step 1: Complimentary Intro Session

This first session is a no cost or obligation opportunity for you to determine if you are ready for coaching and to ensure there is a mutual fit.  Activities in this session include:

Step 2: Intake Session

During this session we will review the Coaching Agreement and Kickoff Workbook.  This review process will help us to identify the area you would like to focus on. 

This is a great way to ensure that you will always have the correct focus and maximize all of your coaching sessions.

Step 3: On-going Coaching

During each the on-going 60min coaching sessions, we will first identify your desired outcome for the session and review the progress of the focus goals (tasks) from the last session.  Once completed, we will then proceed down a path that leads us  towards maximizing the effectiveness of the session. 

At the end of this session, we will confirm any new focus goals and confirm the next coaching session date and time.

Client Stories

See how I’ve helped others achieve their best

Truly Believing in Myself


Gloria Yu,

Behaving as if You Have
Already Succeeded

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Kizito Chimbetete, Shanghai
The Teller’s Tribe

Seeing Myself More Clearly

Kalifa Hill, Washington DC

Coaching clients have included those working at the following global organizations:

What do my clients say?

Testimonials from clients that changed their lives – for better.

"I felt very safe with Colin's coaching style and it was very easy for me to open up. At the end of our coaching time, I had gained confidence and was already performing better than before - Thank you Colin!"
Freya Xu
Yoga Master
"During our coaching sessions, Colin would listen very closely and then ask me powerful, thought provoking questions that led me to finding my own way forward. Prior to coaching with him, I didn’t realize how helpful it would be. I recommend Coach Colin to anyone that is trying to improve their life. I highly recommend Colin’s services in coaching!"
Lourdvic Alcindor
"I started working with Colin to improve my ability to develop rapport and maintain relationships with people. Throughout our entire time together, he was very positive and energetic which helped to bring me in to a positive cycle. If you want to change for the better, pls reach out to Colin."
JoAnne Zhang
IT Manager
“For over 15 weeks, I was coached by Colin and experienced tremendous mindset growth. At the time, I was about to make a career change and was hesitant to actually do it. Through his coaching, I learned how to look deep within myself and develop more trust. Colin is a professional coach that can help you to explore yourself and your directions. Your life will not be the same again!”
Tony Cui
Marketing and HR Manager

Ready to Make a Change?

Let's create a roadmap together for personal and professional excellence

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