Colin C. Thompson

Achieve your personal and professional goals and live the life that you both desire and deserve.

I am Colin C. Thompson, Founder of and Principal Coach at Oligye LIFE Coaching.  I am a Certified LIFE Coach specializing in Personal Development and Career Coaching.     By following my passion and working hard, I developed the end-to-end skills needed to help individuals, teams, and leaders achieve their goals.

Everybody has a STORY that defines their journey and made them who they are.

Watch the short videos below and learn the importance that living a life by design and always betting on yourself to succeed, can inspire to to have  extreme belief in yourself!!

Living a Life
by Design

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Always Bet on
Yourself - 6 Simple Word to Success

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Coaching Certifications

Certified LIFE Coach Certification
Blue Core Coaching Certification

I made the powerful decision to follow my talent, take the training, and put in the necessary hours to become an able and effective LIFE Coach and Trainer.

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