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Achieve your personal and professional goals and live the life that you both desire and deserve.

I am Colin C. Thompson, Founder of and Principal Coach at Oligye LIFE Coaching.  I am a Certified LIFE Coach specializing in Personal Development and Career Coaching.  In 2016 after a successful 20+ years in various management roles working for blue chip organizations such as Ernst & Young LLP, Howard University, and IBM; I advanced to the coaching profession.   By following my passion and working hard, I developed the end-to-end skills needed to help individuals, teams, and leaders achieve their goals.

Everybody has a STORY that defines their journey and made them who they are. Take a listen to hear my story of inspiration and extreme belief in myself!!


Our collective of passionate, volunteer LIFE Coaches are here to assist you in the areas of you life that have been impacted due to the COVID outbreak:

  • Maintaining Motivation and a Strong Mindest
  • Helping Your Family to Cope With the Changes
  • Maintaining Productivity Working From Home
  • Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Avoiding Stress Due to Job and Income Loss
  • Impact to Small/Startup Businesses
  • other Personal Development Areas

We truly hope that through these coaching sessions, you will discover how to empower yourself and take actions to improve your life.

Questions, please send an email to:

I made the powerful decision to follow my talent, take the training, and put in the necessary hours to become an able and effective LIFE Coach.

Certified LIFE Coach Certification
Certified LIFE Coach Certification
Blue Core Coaching Certification

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