Relocation and Expat Coaching

Often in LIFE coaching, we focus on making a change in your life, however as an expatriate, the transition has already happened. You are already living in foreign surrounding, facing a different culture and perhaps trying to speak a new language.  Relocation and Expat Coaching helps you to:

  • Embrace the phases of relocation
  • Build new friendships and relationships
  • Overcome culture shock
  • Deal with cultural diversity in the workplace
  • Succeed as an expat spouse
  • Maintain relationships back home
  • Re-establish your personal and/or professional life

The Phases of Relocation:
Elation – the honeymoon phase
Panic – the culture shock phase
Frustration – the homesick phase
Realignment – the acceptance phase
Adjustment – the settling phase

Typically, an employee’s failure to carry out a job assignment in another country results from the employee’s, or his/her spouse’s inability to adapt to foreign culture.–I.Shim K.E. Paprock

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