Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace (1 Full day or 2 half days)
The training program provides employees with the tools to understand and build capability around diversity and inclusion (DI) initiatives and efforts in the workplace.  Attendees will gain practical skills and culturally specific knowledge related to practices in resolution of problems and challenges that can arise as a result of workforce diversification and inclusion efforts.

Advancing Anti-Racism and Equality (3hrs)
This training explores how, in order to undertake substantive and effective change around institutional and personal racism, it requires an understanding of the history and context of race in the U. S. This training provides the history and context necessary for recognizing white privilege, challenging racism, and advancing racial equity.

Asia Diversity Capability (3hrs)
In this training employees learn, in an engaging format, how thinking styles vary broadly from East to West before taking a deeper dive into Asian  leadership styles and business practices across different Asian cultural clusters (e.g. hierarchy, meetings, communication style. influencing, decision-making, trust, teaming, conflict resolution).

Counteracting Unconscious Bias (2hrs)
This training improves employees with the recognition of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination, while suggesting strategies to halt those practices in favor of an equitable and inclusive environment for coworkers, clients, and the public.

(Anti-Racism) Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace (3hrs)
During this training we provide an overview of the evolution of diversity and inclusion practices.  We also discuss how inclusive practices are an essential compliment to diversity in the workplace and define many exclusive behaviors that can serve as a barrier.  These include harboring an implicit bias, perpetuating stereotypes, discrimination, and microaggressions.   

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