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Relocation and Expat Coaching

As a result of our Relocation and Expat Coaching, clients are embracing their new lives in a new culture.  I am looking for clients that are ready to excel in a new, diverse culture and environment.  Are you ready?

Take charge of your life in a new country by quickly adjusting to the new culture and making your new environment home.

Often in LIFE coaching, we focus on making a change in your life, however as an expatriate, the transition has already happened. You are already living in foreign surrounding, facing a different culture and perhaps trying to speak a new language.

Relocation and Expat Coaching helps you to:

  • Embrace the phases of relocation
  • Build new friendships and relationships
  • Overcome culture shock
  • Deal with cultural diversity in the workplace
  • Succeed as an expat spouse
  • Maintain relationships back home
  • Re-establish your personal and/or professional life
The Phases of Relocation: Elation – the honeymoon phase Panic – the culture shock phase Frustration – the homesick phase Realignment – the acceptance phase Adjustment – the settling phase

Typically, an employee’s failure to carry out a job assignment in another country results from the employee’s, or his/her spouse’s inability to adapt to foreign culture.–I.Shim K.E. Paprock

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If you are relocating to any locale, keep in mind that an adjustment needs to begin within you. Once made, you can then take advantage of the new opportunities that await and make your new environment a home.

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