Videos: Personal Development

Workshop Series of Teranga Valley – FREE YOUR POTENTIAL WORKSHOP
with Sophie Wadja and Colin Thompson

Colin C.Thompson, a Certified LIFE Coach (CLC) is the founder of Oligye LIFE Coaching and the Shanghai Life Coaching Collective. Specializing in Personal Development, Relocation, and Career Coaching, Colin coaches individuals and groups on how to reach their dreams, goals, and desires. “In this workshop, you will learn techniques on how to put blockers such as excuses and self-doubt behind you and reach your true potential.”

Sophie Wajda is a certified EFT Practitioner, Reiki Master and Coach. “When I was young I had a secret dream: changing the world. Today, inspired by Gandhi, I follow my dream. I am convinced that we have to be the change that we want to see in the world. By unlocking trapped emotions, toxic thoughts and beliefs, I free people from their past experiences and I give them the key to connect with their true potential to become the creator of their own life”.

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