Colin C. Thompson

Coaching Plan Packages

Unlimited Coaching packages are designed to provide adequate access to coaching based on your goals and include:

  • 30, 60, or 90-day durations
  • Unlimited # of coaching sessions
  • Unlimited check-in phone calls
  • Unlimited chat and email

90 day

The 90-day package is the best-seller as it promotes long-term behavior change and is perfect if you desire to not only reach your dreams, goals, and desires but to also make the accomplishments more permanent. 

$ 750.00 / 4900 RMB

60 Day

The 60-day package promotes consistent behavior change through execution of identified actions to reach your goals and desires. This is the package is perfect if you have had trouble staying consistent and confident in reaching your goals.

$ 540.00 / 3500 RMB

30 Day

The 30-day package promotes rapid behavior change and progress and is perfect if you desire to get a fast and consistent start to achieving your goals.  Also great if you are new to LIFE coaching and want to try for a short period.

$ 325.00 / 2100 RMB

90+ Days

$215.00 / 1400 RMB

Additional per month for packages longer than 90 days.

Payment Options

  • Option #1 Single Payment (60&90day):  Save 7%

  • Option #2 Monthly Payment: equal payments due at the start of coaching each month

  • Student Discount: Save 15%  (full time student)

Ala-Carte Options

  • 60min Coaching Session – $100 / 700RMB

  • Written Post-Session Report – $5 / 35RMB

  • MP3 Session Recording for Download – $10 / 170RMB

*Customized Coaching packages  are also available

Payment Types Accepted

  • PayPal, WeChat Pay, Visa/Mastercard, and Cryptocurrency – XChainz (XCZ) and BitCoin (BTC)
  • XCZ Receiving Address:  XRnusaoVvuv8PSUz8ixpo8ULG4uiMmfbD2
  • BTC Receiving Address:  3KVwwAWuJoitU72P9azGM2KUNsNdnJzhYQ

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