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Cultural Competency Coaching

As a result of Cultural Competence coaching and training, clients have the ability to participate ethically and effectively in personal and professional intercultural settings.  Are you ready?

It requires being aware of one’s own cultural values and world view and their implications for making respectful, reflective and reasoned choices, including the capacity to imagine and collaborate across cultural boundaries.


Through Cultural Competence coaching, you will understand the importance of having empathy for people of different cultures. The specific areas that we address are dependent on those that you what to address and can include the below areas:

  • Understanding Bias and Prejudice
  • Improving Communication Skills and Interaction
  • Performing in a Multi-Cultural Environment
  • Developing Interest in Cultural Heritage

Cultural Competence coaching helps people overcome cultural challenges in work, or in life, when interacting with others whose culture, values and beliefs we are not fully aware.

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