Managers & Leaders

Inclusive Leadership – Traits and Behaviors (3hrs)
Training for leaders that provides a framework for development of personal leadership competencies; a strategic view of equality, diversity and inclusion.  In addition, provides guidance to improve their motivation and ability to be an ally with and empower diverse groups.

Inclusive Management in Action (3hrs)
Training for people managers that explores techniques for developing psychological safety and a speak-up culture. Creating a team climate that reduces the interpersonal risks of speaking up to unleash a team with better decisions, creative collaboration, motivated members, and improved performance.

Inclusion Using the 4-Dynamic Method (3hrs)
Workshop designed for people managers to explore in detail how the four dynamics that define inclusion map, to the lived experience of employees and how they can foster inclusion on their teams.

Unbiased Hiring in Recruitment & Selection (2hrs)
In this workshop designed for hiring managers, participants learn how to apply techniques to reduce the impact of unconscious bias in hiring. The workshop also includes a deep-dive into structured interviewing and objective questioning.

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