Diversity & Inclusion Overview

These training programs provide leaders, managers, and team members with the tools to understand and build capability around diversity and inclusion (DI) initiatives and efforts in the workplace.  Attendees will gain practical skills and culturally specific knowledge related to leaderships practices in resolution of problems and challenges that can arise as a result of workforce diversification and inclusion efforts.

Key Principles

  1. Framework for determining conditions under which a team’s diversity enhances or detracts from its’ effectiveness
  2. Determination of the leadership skills and perspectives required to successfully manage the challenges that arise in culturally diverse settings
  3. Distinguish between socially legitimate discrimination-and-fairness and access-and-legitimacy perspectives to corporate diversity
  4. Key factors in the establishment of an inclusive corporate culture
  5. Examine each step in a typical hiring process through the lens of inclusivity


  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of how to adapt workplace habits to produce positive diversity and inclusion outcomes.
  • Ability to recognize and positively address biases and prejudice within organizations.
  • Learn how an inclusive workplace impacts employee engagement and retention, and discuss concrete ways to foster a sense of belonging for their team.
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