Agile Training

Introduction to Agile
The purpose of this base course is to teach attendees the basics of Agile including understanding the What, Where, and Why of Agile. The target audience are those team members that need to understand Agile fundamentals and/or will utilize Agile in their day-to-day operations.

Agile Program Fundamentals
The purpose of this course is to teach teams the Program and Project Fundamentals of Agile so that they can start practicing Agile in their day-to-day work.  The target audience is doers, as opposed to managers. Team members from any line of business and at any level who work on projects. However, managers will also benefit from it. Recommended prerequisite: Taste of Agile

Agile Leadership
The purpose of this course is to teach leaders and managers, at all levels, how to lead teams in an Agile manner, foster an Agile culture and environment and most importantly deliver outstanding results with the help of their team.  The target audience are Managers and Leaders. This goes all the way from First Line Leaders up to Senior Executive Managers. Recommended prerequisite: ‘Taste of Agile’ and ‘Agile Program Fundamentals’

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